There have been a lot of updates to the Google search algorithm and all now in addition to then webmasters find themselves in the circumstances where they require making most important changes to their SEO scheme in command to stay afloat. Some of the changes have an actually significant collision and the current Panda update is one of those cases when you just can’t make believe the changes don’t concern you.

 What Is Panda

Panda isn’t just an additional update to the search algorithm, many of which we have seen over the years. One of the particular things about Panda is that it uses creature reviewers to rate sites. No, not all sites are rated by humans but there is an illustration of sites where human reviewers make the assessment and after a prototype in reviewing is noticed, the job is sustained by machines, which most probably use the identical criteria as humans. So, if you have ready the mistake to optimize your site only for bots, now you will be hit accurately between the eyes.

Panda is intended at gettinx`g better the superiority of search results by removing low authority, spammy entries from the first positions. The first fatalities were the so called content mills but the later updates hit many other types of sites as well. What these sites had in widespread was that they had tons of ineffective content that was synthetically hard-pressed to the top results pages. Many sites who are (or measured themselves) no content mills were hit attractive hard because they exhibited similarities to content farms and if you don’t want to be the next victim, or if you have previously been hit yourself and wonder how to get back on your feet, here are some tips to help you.

How to frustrate Panda

Any step in the direction of removing low excellence content will assist you compact with Panda but here are some steps that are particularly helpful.

1 No several Pages with the Same Keyword

The motive why content mills were slapped the hardest by Panda is that they had many (in some belongings in the thousands!) pages with the identical keyword. When you have numerous authors and you give them the independence to decide what to write about, you will noticeably end with several pages that use the same rewarding keywords. But it isn’t only the content mills where you can find 100s of pages with the how to get an ex back, 1,000s about acai berry, etc. If your site has several pages that target the same keyword, get rid of them directly because this is merely drowning you.

2 Duplicate Anchor Text and Links from Article Directories/Low-Quality Sites

Backlinks are very imperative but as you know it is superiority backlinks that substance. This is why Panda penalized sites with tons of backlinks from article directories or other content sites because these sites are deemed low excellence Furthermore, when the anchor text of your backlinks is constantly the equivalent (and it has a keyword in it), this is more than apprehensive that this link hasn’t been produced obviously. This is why it is best if you use assorted variations of your keywords (or even better ‐ multiple keywords) as the anchor text of backlinks. For illustration, if your keyword is how to get an ex back, you can also use how to come together with ex how to resolve with an ex-lover, etc.

3 Clean Your WHOLE Site

Panda is a site-wide consequence and as a result, even if you have some actually exceptional pages but you also have lots of so-so ones; your entire site will suffer. The only solution here is to renovate or eliminate the low superiority ones and wait for the crawlers to come.

4 Get Rid of Autogenerated Content and Roundup or Comparison Type of Pages

Autogenerated pages have not anything to do with excellence and this is why they are particularly not accepted now. Roundups/assessment types of pages can furthermore hurt you because these don’t have much unique content in them. These factors are the reason why so many shopping sites where these evaluation pages are so frequent are hit by Panda. If you run a shopping site, your task isn’t simple for the reason that you can’t get rid of these totally but if you add innovative content to them, this increases your probability to get your rankings back.

5 No Pages with 1-2 Paragraphs of Text Only

Since these pages are easier to form, many webmasters taking place populating their sites with such little pages in order to augment a number of pages of the site. Now the rules have transformed and these pages with 1-2 paragraphs of text can scratch your rankings. Add more copy or do away with the pages ‐ these are the two options you have.

6 Panda Likes New Content

News and current stuff have constantly been loved by search engines but with Panda, this is even more significant. This includes news but also freshly updated pages. In fact, about 35% of searches will be exaggerated because partiality will be given to current pages. Well, this is scarcely a reason to turn your site into a new machine but if you try to inform your content as regularly as you can, this will help.

7 No Scraped Content

With Panda, threadbare content is (almost) as bad as duplicate content. If you are using spun articles, this can critically hurt you. While with article sites you have more autonomy in translation your content, with metaphors on shopping sites it is trickier because if you have to stay realistic, there aren’t unrestricted ways to rewrite a short 100-200 word description. Still, try to make your descriptions as inventive as possible.

8 Be Careful with Affiliate Links and Ads

Tons of outbound links is terrible but tons of affiliate links on a page is even not as good as – too many of them on a page and you will be pandalized. This is why you require cutting the quantity of associate links on a page. For an enhanced consequence, you can also make them nofollow, if probable. The number of ads on a page also plays the role with Panda and the rule is: the fewer, the better. Keep only the uppermost commercial ads (i.e. the ones that are really building you money and let the rest go.

9 Minimize Duplicate Template Content

Duplicate content applies not only to posts but to the whole thing on a page. If you are using the same pattern for all your pages, probability are you have lots of duplicate model pleased ‐ i.e. the same blocks of text (and links) you use again on each page. Examine these blocks that replicate on every page and keep only the mainly important ones.

10 Too Many Outbound Links with Keywords

Too many outbound links are appalling but when they are with keywords as fasten text, this is even of inferior quality. The supposition is that these links are the effect of a link replace ‐ i.e. they aren’t usual. This can be a massive trouble if you recognize guest posts because authors classically include keywords in their links and their byline. Try to keep the anchor text of your outbound links assorted and limit keyword overflowing anchors as much as you can.

11 Poor Internal Linking Structures

Humans and bots like a fresh map-reading organization. Now with Panda these gain even supplementary influence. Therefore, check your interior links and make more resourceful your steering ‐ this will help for definite.

The Panda update caused moderately a lot of blend. For the sites that were hit the changes were the whole thing but greeting but since there is so much search spam, it was bound to ensue. If you don’t want to be on the unloading end, sparkling your site and make it Panda-compliant. This is the only way (back) to top search results.

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