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Coached 2000+ and on a Mission to Coach India’s Entrepreneurs and Students.

I have been in the digital marketing field for the past 9 years. Here I Provide Online Digital Marketing Course and I would like to give it to you Depth Knowledge and Hands on Experience so that you can learn Advanced Digital Marketing and become a Marketing Rockstar!

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Advanced Digital Marketing Training Modules

basic of marketing

Basic Of Marketing & Branding

Learn the Basics of Marketing & Branding of Product and Services

introduction of digital marketing

Introduction Of Digital Marketing

This module familiarizes you with the crux of the course and helps you build a strong base.


Website Planning & Creation

In this module, you will get to plan every basic detail of your website. The graphics, content, everything.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO affects the visibility of your website on SERP. In this module, you will be taught techniques that will help your website rank well.


Google Ads/PPC

Google Ads is an advertisement program by Google. In this how module you will learn how to advertise your business.

social media

Social Media Marketing

Ads that come on all social media are because of Social Media Marketing. Something every Digital Marketer should know.


Professional Blogging

Learn how to setup a blog using WordPress and how to update it on regular basis like creating posts, pages, categories, Tags and more.


​Google Adsense​​​​​

Earn while you learn. Get paid by Google via Adsense platform.Learn how millions of people are earning money by online just investing a few hours.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you understand the audience’s behavior.


Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools can help us to check the performance our website in Google Search. It can also help us to communicate with Google for our site’s updates and issues. Learn GWT for best blog performance.

ecommerce marketing

E-Commerce Marketing

E-commerce is a booming field and to stand out from the crowd, one needs to know how to market well on e-commerce.

email marketing

Email Marketing

The oldest form of Digital marketing that is surviving to this day. E-mail marketing is extremely important to learn.

mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing

In today’s era, mobiles have taken over desktops. And because of this mobile marketing has become an extremely important topic to learn.

affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate marketing, you will learn how to earn when someone buys a product from a third party source and goes there through the link on your site.


YouTube Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most engaging forms of Marketing, Here I am Taught You how to do it well.

content marketing

Advanced content marketing

Content is known as king in Digital Marketing. Learn how to write & market catchy & unique content to drive traffic on our websites.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is a really important aspect in the field of marketing. A module completely based on this will be taught.


Conversion Rate Optimization

Website Conversion Rate Optimization is an effective framework that helps tap into the traffic a site receives and convert visitors into leads or sales.

google my business

Google My Business

It is extremely important for business owners to learn Local Business Advertising. This module equips them with the skill to do that.



If you are aware of all these modules you can easily grab projects and earn as a Freelancer and you can earn extremely well.

personal branding

Personal Branding

LaunchYourself! shows you exactly how to Define, Design and Deliver a strong personal brand that attracts the opportunities you want.


Online Reputation Management

Once a brand is set up, there are a lot of chances that due to a lot of reasons it receives negative comments. This module helps you deal with those.


Digital Marketing Interview Preparation

I Train You For the Interview – Learn How to Ready Your CV and Preparation for Most Asked Questions

Discover the Digital Marketing Skills

Stay up to date with the latest tips & tools for digital marketing

Kuldeep has deep understanding of basics to advanced level of digital marketing. He is industry since while. I worked with him in a small marketing project & I was fully impressed with his skills. All The Best Kuldeep

sourabh rana

Sourabh Rana


SEO Strategist At

I highly recommend Kuldeep Kumar when it comes to SEO, histechnique are without equal, and those techniques must be usewhile doing SEO for a long term business perspective.

Gurjeet Kalsi

Gurjeet Singh Kalsi

Brand Consultant at Eonian Brand Ideas India

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