What is Search Engine Optimization?


Search engine optimization is the process of development of a website to generate more traffic on it, in short, it is the process of increasing your website ranking in search engines.
It is an extraordinary method of expanding the nature of your site by making it easy to understand, quicker and simpler to explore. The traffic comes from the search engine optimization is free and natural.

There are two types of SEO method:-
1. On-page Seo
2. Off-page Seo

On-page SEO Method – There are a lot of factors included in On-page SEO. On page, enhancement alludes to all estimates that can be taken directly inside the site to improve its situation in the search rankings. Content is the unique factor in on-page seo because the content is always a king in digital marketing and there are many other important factors in on-page seo are as follows:-
 Optimization of Titles Tag
 Alt Tags in Images
 Heading Tags
 Meta Descriptions Tag
 Url and Permalinks Optimization
 Website Speed
 Internal Linking
 Robots.txt and Sitemap
 Structured Data and Schema Markup
 Anchor Text
 Keywords Density and Proximity
 Mobile-Friendly Website

Off-Page SEO Method – Off-page seo is the process of creating backlinks, but off-page optimization is not only the process of backlinks, it includes more like social media and social bookmarking. If a website has high domain authority and page authority then they have high-quality backlinks from other high-quality websites and they would have put their website link to other social media platform, It is bound to have made reference to via web-based networking media (Facebook likes, tweets, Pins, and so on.) and it is bound to be bookmarked and shared among networks of similar clients.
We can do link building in various forms:-
 Directory Submission
 Profile Link Building
 Blog Commenting
 Article Submission
 Social Bookmarking
 Forum Signature
When concentrating on-page SEO, you’re doing everything possible to make your site marvelous. You compose extraordinary substance, have a strong site structure and your portable site stacks in only a few seconds. Everything is great on the planet. Off-page SEO then again encourages you to acquire those swarms of guests and potential clients. Both are significant bits of the riddle.

Three Techniques of SEO:-

1. White Hat SEO – White hat seo is the legal practice of seo, designed to increase website position on search engine result page.
2. Grey Hat SEO – Grey hat seo is the practice that is riskier as compared to white hat seo, and uses some legal methods to improve website rankings, be that as it may, which are morally questionable.
3. Black Hat SEO – Black hat seo is the unethical practice of search engine optimization, as it is considered against the rules and violation of google terms and services. It is used to increase the website ranking faster than the technique of white hat seo.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

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